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Drop Count Types

Oct 12, 2023    //  Design Assistant, Feature Highlights  //

Tap Port Drop Types

The ability to assign the type of drop to each tap port has been instituted in version 11.00 of The Lode Data Design Assistant. This new feature was created to meet customer requirements for using Tap Ports to designate Drop Types as an alternative to the MDU Window. With this comes a way to designate count types and drops without using the MDU window. The new count option is independent of the existing MDU Window. The two do not interact.

For a full review and usage of the new Drop Count Types feature please see our documentaiton article: Tap Port Drop Types

Tap Selection Groups 10.50

Mar 11, 2021    //  Company News, Design Assistant, Feature Highlights  //

Tap Selection Groups or TSGs can be setup to model multiple tap types in the Design Assistant. One typical case is mixing legacy tap types with new generation taps in the same network.

In version 10.50 of The Design Assistant we’ve added a TSG column to the Design, Active Entry, Entry modes. This will allow the user to specify the TSG to be used for each tap on a given line/node of the program. Thus eliminating the need to lock down taps at each node.

The TSG dropdown will be used to determine what tap selection group will be used when no value is defined in the TSG column.

Feature Highlight – Tap Selection Group (TSG)

Jan 14, 2019    //  Company News, Design Assistant, Feature Highlights  //

Tap Selection Groups (TSG) were introduced in The Design Assistant version 10.00. TSG’s were created in order to address network files that have multiple tap manufactures.


Feature Highlight – Auto Load Specs

Dec 3, 2015    //  Company News, Design Assistant, Feature Highlights  //

In version 8.10 of The Lode Data Design Assistant we introduced a new option to load specs. The feature will allow you the option to automatically load specs that were last saved with the network (NTW). In order to use this new feature you need to change the configuration of the Design Assistant.


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