Drafting Assistant

The Drafting Assistant customizes AutoCAD to be a powerful CATV and Utilities mapping program. We have harnessed the power of AutoCAD with specific, yet flexible routines to draft base, strand, geography, and as-built. Design Assistant networks can be imported directly into the Drafting Assistant. All cable types, tap values, amplifiers, data blocks, etc are imported from the Design Assistant, greatly increasing drafting efficiency and eliminating errors. Everything within the Drafting Assistant is completely user customizable. That is, you can use all your own blocks, linetypes, layers, scale factors, grid layouts, etc. All customizations for each project are saved in settings files, so switching between projects is as easy as loading a different project file. Below is a quick breakout of a few of the features that will save you time and money.

Base Mapping

  • Road Drafting
  • Road Clean Up
  • Lot Lines
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Geography features
  • Buildings

Route Mapping

  • Interactive strand/trench routine
  • 10 Key strand/trench routine

As-Built Mapping

  • Built in routines for placing all CATV as-built information

Design Assistant intergration

  • Imports all design information from a Design Assistant network
  • A one-to-one connection to the Design Assistant spec files
  • QC tools

Mapping Utilities

  • Map Cut
  • Custom Reports

The Drafting Assistant’s comprehensive suite of tools make it possible for even inexperienced AutoCAD users to be very productive drafters. It is possible to use all your own blocks, layers, and even LISP routines so while the look of your maps may not change, the speed and accuracy with which you draft them certainly will!

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