Fiber Module

The Fiber Module for the Drafting Assistant utilizes AutoCAD and Oracle to bring together all of the Lode Data products in one complete GIS solution. The Drafting Assistant continues to use AutoCAD as the interface for placing objects. The Oracle database stores not only the fiber documentation, but also the graphical data. The Drafting Assistant has developed into the perfect solution for drafting and documenting RF networks and your fiber circuits. When you add the Fiber Module to your existing Drafting Assistant. you will open the door to designing and documenting your entire circuit from the Head End to the home all in one product. Your existing AutoCAD drawings can quickly be prepared for export into the Oracle database.

Multiple users can run the program simultaneously across a network, viewing and altering database information independently.  Different users can be assigned different privilege levels, which will give certain users more power while limiting what other users can do.


  • Model any type of fiber or equipment commonly used in today’s fiber optic circuits to assist in Fiber Optic Network Design
  • Splice individual fibers in easy to use dialog boxes.
  • Splice fiber-to-fiber, bundle-to-bundle, or cable-to-cable.
  • Trace dark fiber between any two splice locations and Calculate fiber design loss budget.
  • Include losses for splices, connectors, adapters, and loops if desired.
  • Designate splice as fusion or mechanical, and set actual splice loss.
  • Assign usage details to individual fibers.
  • Assign customers and owners to equipment.
  • Assign priorities to customers to speed repairs for the most important fibers.
  • Record “fiber tic marks” at strategic locations.
  • Perform and graphically record OTDR trace locations for quick and accurate repairs.
  • Keep a service record for all fiber cables and equipment.
  • Assign splice trays and positions of fibers in each tray at splice locations.
  • Automatically populate cable lengths based on either geographic placement or route connectivity. If drawings are not GPS accurate and do not have route connectivity, cable lengths may be entered manually.

Inside Plant Includes:

Layout 3d Rooms, including rows, racks, shelves, cards and raceways.

Reports Include:

  • Fiber Trace (drawing) – AutoCAD drawing automatically generated showing individual fibers by color, name, and all splice connections.
  • Fiber Trace (text) – Trace an individual fiber from end to end.
  • Equipment Trace (text) – Trace a fiber path from the equipment at one end to the equipment at the other end.
  • Trace Report (drawing) – AutoCAD drawing automatically generated showing equipment connected at each end of the fiber and losses resulting from splitter locations along the way.
  • Splice Report (Excel) – Complete splice matrix report at any splice location.
  • OTDR Trace (drawing) – A graphical marker is automatically placed on the drawing, set at the proper optical distance from the trace origination.
  • Repair report (text) – At any point along a cable, show the customers on the fibers, sorted by priority.
  • Loss Budget Report (text) –Show the total loss budget for all Nodes connected to the Head End.
  • Dark Fiber Report (text) – Show all fibers not used between any pair of splice enclosures.
  • Tray Report – (text) List fibers in a specific tray.
  • Customer List (text) – Show all customers located on a fiber, bundle or cable.
  • NAP Address (text) – Network Access Point (NAP) address report.
  • BOM (Excel) – A complete bill of materials for either the entire database or within a user specified boundary.

The Fiber Module is an add-on to the Drafting Assistant as an annual license.

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